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  • Cleanse the scalp and dissolve hydrophobic lipids to promote a healthier scalp for an optimum hair growth cycle.
  • Improve microcirculation and increases blood flow to the scalp.
  • Effectively deliver sufficient nutrients to the hair follicle and the arrector pili muscle.
  • Contain DHT to maintain healthy hair growth
  • Encourage thicker and fuller hair growth.
  • Restore and retain moisture lost during chemical and heat processing
  • Infuses hair with emollients which infuses hair with essential nutrients to reinforce damaged area and to revive hair structure.
  • Renew hair's vibracy.
  • Imparts amazing shine and softness.
  • Extra Hold
  • Pro-VItamin B5
  • Beautiful stylish natural look
  • Deep cleaning scalp and hair
  • For oily roots
  • Prevents itchiness
  • Non oily hair treatment
  • Increases moisture 
  • Replace lost body hair texture and moisture.
  • Suit for chemically treated and damaged hair.
  • dual-polymer technology with Olive Extract
  • create an ultra durable bond.
  • maximum protection and reconstruction from the cortex, locks in moisture, seals the cuticle
  • restores natural moisture, rebuilds damaged hair and improves manageability. It contains Yogurt Extract
  • Leaves hair instantly soft, smoothing and shine.
  • Perm & Color Hair
  • Keep the Color Fresh
  • Rebuilds damaged hair