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Labbell AHA Vitalist Hair Rebonding Straightening Cream Extra Stong 1000ml
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  • Hair Rebonding Straightening Cream
  • UV Protection
  • AHA Fruit Active System

Cara penggunaan:

1. Basuh bersih rambut dengan shampoo tanpa menggunakan conditioner.

2.Keringkan rambut dengan hair dryer

3. Sapu ubat lurus rambut Labbell Vitalist Rebond Step1 ke seluruh Rambut (jgn kena kulit kepala)  dengan rata  dan biarkan 30 minit.(depends on hair) Sila check balik Rambut sudah siap proses lurus rambut atau belum selepas 30 minit . Rambut yang siap proses masa ditarik akan seperti 'rubber band'. Kalau belum, sila tunggu masa proses dan check balik rambut setiap 3 minit sehingga siap proses. 

4.Basuh dengan air bersih selepas rambut sudah siap proses rebonding. Keringkan rambut dengan hair dryer dan luruskan rambut dengan iron/hair straightener rambut .

5.Sapu ubat  Labbell Vitalist Rebond Step2 iaitu ubat neutralizer dan biarkan minimum 15 minit. Selepas itu bilaskan bersih dan pakai conditioner. 

6. Keringkan rambut dan siap process rebonding . 


UV Protection AHA Fruit Active System

Labbell Vitalist Hair Rebonding Straightening Cream contains with enriched components, strong enough to tame curls and wave patterns and perfect for smoothing stubborn and cowlicks. 


Use Direction:

  1. Shampoo hair and towel blot in 100%. Apply Cream No.1 to hair section.
    • For chemically-processed hair, leave 15-20 mins without heat
    • For natural hair, leave 20 mins with heat and reapply it for 10 mins with out heat.
  2. Check occasionally, according to the hair type. After completion, rinse thoroughly with tepid water and towel blot. 
  3. Thermal iron to straighten hair from top to bottom, each section approximately for 4-5 time.
  4. After process, apply cream No.2 for 5-10 mins without heat.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water.

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