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Esmond Teo

Seller is very responsive & helpful in assisting us to place an order & efficiently arrange the delivery to send to our home.

28 March 2023

Effectiveness:very natural curl Texture:cream/lotion Looks like cream type but apply on hair will easily dissolve, hence wont feel sticky at all. Very effective to make natural curls.

26 June 2022

i really falling in love with the shampoo. Sangat effective Sangat berkesan untuk kurangkan kelemumur. Hair tonic pun best will repeat later.

8 May 2022

Barang selamat sampai.. tapiiiiiiii masa dapat tu penutup dia sdh terbuka.. xtau sdh berapa lama dia buka.. xpa sy bukan jenis customer cerewet.. sy masi boleh terima.. tapi cuma nak ingatkan seller check dulu sblm hantar dengan customer.. takut dpat cust yg cerewet susah nt.

8 May 2022

Effectiveness:Great Texture:Creamy Works wonders on permed hair. The texture is smooth and it is not sticky. Really makes the curl bouncy especially if used with hair oil or hair serum. Recommended.

8 May 2022

Items received in good condition. Packing was superb. Trusted seller. Fast response from seller. Tq seller

8 May 2022